Nintendo Switch Joy Con Wireless Controllers





Game Switch Wireless Controller Left Right Bluetooth Gamepad For Nintendo Switch NS Joy Game con Handle Grip For Switch Joy game

Product description:

This product does not automatically upgrade the host computer, but needs to be upgraded on the computer by cable.

Connection between gamepad and console and charging method:

the method of inserting the gamepad into the console: Insert the left and right controller grips into the guide rails on the left and right sides of Switch console respectively, and the locking sound will be heard when the controller grips is inserted in place (at the same time, there is a prompt on the screen), after the controller grips is inserted into the console, the gamepad will automatically connect to the console and identify the console insertion.

Controller Grips Bluetooth connection:

Pull out the two controller grips from the console (press the rail lock button before pulling out the handle). After pulling out, the controller will automatically enter the Bluetooth connection mode. When the Bluetooth is connected, the motor inside the controller grips will vibrate, the four player number lights on the handle will stop running and light the LED lights according to the number (the number of lights on and the position of lights on indicate the channel number corresponding to the Bluetooth-connected handle), at the same time, the Console letter on the handle icon of the console screen changes to four small squares to indicate the four LEDs of the current Bluetooth connection controller. The small bright green squares are in the same position as the corresponding player’s number, after the Bluetooth connection is OK, you can use the controller to perform relevant game operations. The normal Bluetooth receiving distance is 8~10 meters.