Original Energizer AAA/AA BatteryCharger with 2 Slots




Original Energizer AAA/AA Charger with 2 Slots 3A 10400 AA 2A USB Charger 1.2V 900mAh NiMH Battery Charger for Toy Camera Mouse

Product Specifications:

Model : CH2PC2

Input: 220V ~50Hz/6W

Output: 1.4V—200mA x 2 (AA)

1.4V—200mA x 2 (AAA)

Note: This charger is only suitable forAA and AAA ni-MH rechargeablebatteries. It should not be used forother kinds of batteries (including alkaline, carbon zinc, lithium batteries,etc.), otherwise it may cause explosionand cause serious consequences.Please read the product manualcarefully before use.

Product advantages:

* Fast charging

* Safe and stable output voltage, safety protection

*Long life