Phone Charge Card for iPhone/Android



Phone Charge Card for iPhone/Android

Seemingly charge your phone in SECONDS with this futuristic card. Works on both iPhone and Android devices.

Simply Place the charge card on the screen of your iPhone or Android and watch the device charge instantly and extra 20-30% battery life.

Excellent device for when you are caught in situations without a charger or power bank.

“It’s an interesting moment of almost-possible seeming technology that people find fascinating. I will sometimes ask a stranger to rub the card on her sweater. Then I’ll use the charge she captured to charge my phone.” – Andy from The Jerx

A social moment so real, that over 10.5 million TikTok users have watched it, over 2 million people have “liked” it, a YouTube video been made about it, and articles written about it. “Is this some amazing technology from the future or is it a hoax?” Top tech people around the world have been baffled.

You show the battery on your smart phone is low. You remove a “Charge Card.” It’s like a credit card with a circuit board on it. This card is set across your phone and they see a green charge line visibly grow across the charge card. Your phone is now fully charged.

With a one-time, 5 minute easy set up you are ready to carry the charge card in your wallet and demonstrate it anytime, anywhere. The perfect way to stand out. Your friends will swear you have gained access to some futuristic technology.

Includes instruction video here on how the device works if you still don’t understand what to do, this article will show you how to use it with its instructional video found here:

Get yours now and buy another one for your friends!