PS5 Headphone Mount


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PS5 Headphone Mount

PS5 Headphone Holder: This headphone holder is designed for PS5 headphones, but is compatible with most third-party headphones.

The headphone holder is designed to keep your gear clear from the console to ensure that it and the console are safe and scratch-free.

High-quality Materials: This headphone holder for PS5 is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It is thick and strong.

Protect Your Equipment:

The headphone holder can protect the surface of your headphones from wear/tear, and can firmly hold your headphones in place to prevent accidents. The unique design allows it to be attached not only to the console for PS5, but also on other devices.

Excellent Capacity: The once-piece curved structure of the headphone holder provides effective protection for headphones and other hanging items. Its design allows it to feature a great weight capacity. (4 lbs. Maximum load on the console for PS5 )

Get Everything Organized: Hang all you controllers and headphones neatly and conveniently to prevent damage and keep your game room clean and well-organized.

Material: ABS
Colour: Black
Suitable for: for PS5 console

Packing List:
Hanger for Headphone*2pcs