Wireless Controller with USB Receiver


Wireless Controller with USB receiver for use with most gaming consoles


Wireless Controller with USB receiver for use with most gaming consoles.


This is a Xbox series X / XS compatible wireless controller for use with Xbox, PlayStation, PC and most gaming consoles.

You need to take gaming to the next level with this controller with USB receiver adapter plus free delivery world wide.

It features green trimming , it is cased with a black shell and has rubber side grips for a more comfortable gaming experience all around for you.

You can only have a maximum of four players using one USB receiver.

Shipping can take up to 40 days because we ship world wide. We promise you that this product will definitely not disappoint gamers because you can use it on any console that supports it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)Q: Will my wireless controller have a vibration function?

A: Yes, your controller has a built-in dual motor so you can increase your gaming experience.

2)Q: Will my gamepad have Bluetooth function?

A: No.

3)Q: Why doesn’t my PC recognise my gamepad?

A: Your controller isn’t compatible on Windows 7 or below because the driver doesn’t support those versions. If your controller isn’t detected, it may be because your PC doesn’t have the driver. You will need to download the driver from here:  http://www.datafrog.cn/upfile/2020061514411034.rar

4) Q: Can I recharge my controller?

A: Yes you can, because your controller comes with a charging cable. So you don’t need to worry about running out of power.